Wadi Amazia and the Small Crater



This trail starts with a drive along the bright cliffs of Wadi Amazia. The cliffs are made of a young sedimentary rock of marl with layers of chalk and clay creating spectacular "wall paintings". The Wadi is a dry river bed and sometimes during winter it get flooded for few hours .Those flash floods are the main force that carving and shaping the land scape in Wadi Amazia.

Along the way you will enjoy the sight of Acacia and Jujube trees, bushes of White broom and Saltbush. Occasionally gazelles and other animals can be seen.

From Wadi Amazia will drive west along Wadi Avia. At the end of this part of the trail you will see the landscape changing into a view of the Eocene limestone cliffs and flint stones.

A Short drive will lead us to the canyon at the eastern part of the Zin valley.

The canyon is about 60 feet deep, During a flash flood this point is a great spot for watching the beauty of the flood that drains high quantities of water from the ​​Negev highlands.


After getting back to the Jeeps, we will continue to the top of a dry water fall at Wadi Hazera and along the Wadi into the small crater. The crater (also known as "Maktesh") is a geological phenomenon unique to this part of the world; there are 5 of them in Israel and a few small ones at the Sinai Desert. Inside the crater (about 6KM wide!) you will find that the landscape has changed again to beautiful multicolored sandstone. While the adults enjoy a nice cup of desert tea, under the Acacia trees, the children can make their own souvenir, by filling bottles with colored sand.


We will end our trip at a beautiful observation spot, where you can view the southern basin of the Dead Sea.



the jeep tour can be caombined with hiking,rappeling and picnic lunch.



duration of the tour:


4 hours


full day